Spring Cleaning for a Quicker Closing Date

Whether you are in the Raleigh Real Estate market to sell your home or not, this is the perfect time of year to spruce things up with some spring cleaning!

As the weather warms up, more emphasis will be placed on how the exterior of your home looks. Begin with the simple act of removing any leaves, branches or other debris that may have been littering your front and back yards over the past few months. Prune back any trees, shrubs or hedges that died over the winter and clean the gutters. Now it’s time to bring in the color. Potted plants with pops of spring color can really add a vibrant feel to the outside of your home. Make sure these plants stay healthy though as dead plants will not attract buyers to your home. Also touch up any exterior paint that looks faded or chipped. This is something that most people can do on their own but if not, there are several painting companies that are willing to do touch-up work.

If possible, open doors and windows as frequently as possible to allow the fresh air to come into your home. Months of closed windows and heating systems running can create stagnant air that may be holding odors that you as the homeowner don’t smell. Speaking of doors and windows, make sure the area around your front door is clean. Perhaps a new coat of paint is needed. A new door mat will also help make the entrance of your home feel clean and inviting. You will also want to get the windows as clean as you can on the interior and if needed, hire someone to help with the hard to reach exterior windows as well.

Another must-do spring cleaning item is heavy dusting. This means behind furniture that usually isn’t moved, in the corners of those cathedral ceilings that are hard to reach, ceiling fan blades, blinds and any other places that may not get the attention of your weekly cleaning routine. Wiping down baseboards and getting your carpets professionally cleaned is also a great way to get your home ready for spring – and for the Raleigh real estate market! Buyers like to feel as though there are very few things they will need to do to move into their new home. Let the sun shine in as much as you can if your home is on the market. A sunny house is a positive for almost every prospective buyer.

This is also a great time to tackle such items as cleaning the oven and the grout in any kitchen or bathroom tile you may have. Buyers will, and do, open over doors and peak behind shower doors so make sure these look their best as well.

Spring is here. Happy cleaning!

March 8th, 2011 by Amy Tortorella

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