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Welcome to the new and improved AskForAmy.com! I am so excited about this new site and all of the valuable information it will be providing for my current clients as well as new visitors. There are so many great resources available to you here so take your time to look around a bit.

For my potential home buyers, I have included the steps to home buying, a great home search tool as well as why you should hire me as your personal buyers’ agent. I am sure you are all hearing it is a “buyers’ market” and for the most part it is. Inventory is high, prices and interest rates are low. But don’t let the cold facts fool you! We still have plenty of homes in the Raleigh real estate market selling in just a few days of being on the market. You never know when the perfect home and the perfect homeowner will pair up. Some people find that “this is the home for me” feeling on the first day of touring homes. Others take a bit longer to find the one for them. My initial consultation with my clients help me to narrow down the very best choices, eliminating the homes that aren’t a fit and thereby saving loads of time. Assisting my clients that are purchasing a home is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. There is nothing better than locating the best house, in the best area for the best price! Real estate bliss…

Home sellers, do not fret! I know the housing market seems bleak right now but Raleigh, NC is still a thriving market and is continuously growing. As your Raleigh Seller’s Agent, I stay on top of the trends and understand how to sell in a difficult market. I attended a Real Estate Trends Forum just the other day and it just reinforced how lucky we are to be here. Nationally, there is a 12 ½ month supply of homes. Wake County has about a 6 month supply of homes. While that isn’t great news, it is encouraging to know that our market has been spared the worse of the housing situation. Yes, on average it is taking homes longer to sell these days – but they are selling! The most important factors in getting your home sold are price and condition. The Forum also gave this interesting statistic: If the original list price of a home was also the final list price (meaning it was priced right to begin with and no reductions were needed), the home sold in 49 days for 97% of the list price. On the other hand, if the final list price was less than the original list price, the home sold in 148 days for 88% of the list price. That is a staggering difference and just a reminder of how important it is to price your home correctly. Even if the truth hurts to hear and you have to price your home lower than you expected, it will usually save you both time and money.

If you are considering relocating to the Raleigh area, you will not be disappointed. With 4 distinct seasons, great public schools, award winning universities and hospitals, the area has something to offer everyone. Our relatively low cost of living and housing prices makes moving to the RTP area a smart choice for many people across the country. As a Triangle and Raleigh Relocation Agent, I have helped people from all over find the best neighborhood and home for them. In fact, I once helped a family from CA purchase a home they had only seen in pictures until they got to NC! Knowing the things that were important to their family – schools, easy commute, family friendly neighborhood – made the process fairly easy! By listening to my clients needs and knowing the area, I can normally help relocating clients narrow down to one specific area that best fits them.

Thank you for stopping by. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve this site, provide additional information or help you buy or sell a home in the Raleigh area; contact me or call 919-414-9738.

August 30th, 2010 by Amy Tortorella

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